Sticky Boxster/996 A/C control unit?

Here is a easy little fix for you guys out there with A/C and heater control units that have sticky buttons on the control panel.  Why do they stick?  Well, driving around with coffee, pop, etc in the car, eventually something is bound to get spilled……..

First start by removing the side trim on each side:  There are clips on the forward most side, just get your fingers behind the trim piece and lightly pull out.

Next, remove the trim piece for the climate control.  Again, just carefully grab a side and lightly pull out.  There is 1 pin on each side that holds the trim in place.

Next remove the 2 T20 torx screws holding the unit in place.

Next, you can slide the unit outwards and remove the 2 electrical connectors on the back.  They have push clips right on the top of the connector.  You can’t put them back in the wrong spot, so don’t worry about marking them.

Now with a clean work area, you can disassemble the unit.  On the back side, you will see 2 philips screws on the top of the unit, and 1 screw on the bottom.  Remove them and set aside.

Once the screws are out, you can carefully pivot the face forward.

Next, remove the 7 philips screws holding the face together.  You will need a small jewlers screwdriver for this.

Next, you can lift the white/clear rubber retainer piece out of the face.

Flip the unit over to dump all the buttons out 🙂  You can really only put them back in one way due to the shape of the button and tabs, so don’t worry about mixing up the buttons.   You can notice the sticky goo stuck to some of the buttons.  Get some isopropyl alcohol and a rag and clean up both the buttons, and the plastic housing piece well.  Let everything dry, and installation is opposite of removal!

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