Shop Updates

Shop is coming along. We have been cleaning (a lot of cleaning), painting, and trying to knock some work out at the same time.

Val has been busy painting walls and floors. We got half of the upstairs floor painted to cover up years of clutch dust, etc, LOL.

Then she painted some unpainted walls…..

And got some really dirty walls painted……

Meanwhile, my buddy Tim from Learntech Inc. has been by setting up our computers and interwebs. He got a couple of shop PC’s up and running for us as well as the office PC’s. The Clear 4g wireless interwebs has worked out great and appears to be fast.

Tim setting up my workstation PC.

While he was doing that, I was pulling apart brakes on his 993 so he could refresh the calipers and we are installing S/S brake lines at the same time.

Lots of kroil to get the lines off. Luckily only one of the front hard lines gave us problems. The rears did come without causing issues.

Two toned caliper 😉

New S/S line installed. Once the calipers and rotor hats are painted and baked (but not in Nancy’s oven, because that would be grounds for divorce)……then we will reinstall everything and get it back together for next weekend’s DE.

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