Porsche Boxster Oxygen Sensor and Wheel Bearing Replacement RennsportKC

Had this little Boxster in the shop last week for a stuck O2 sensor and some howling in the front end when driving. The O2 sensors on these can be a little bugger to get off sometimes, but often it just takes a little tool selection to find something that works.

The stubborn O2 sensor is up there, along with a couple of broken exhaust manifold studs. Pretty common on these old 986’s.

After getting the O2 sensor replaced, then it was time to work on replacing the studs. A lot of kroil, and a little creativity, and out they come.

With some vibration in the front end, I pulled the front wheels off and balanced them out. While they were off, I stripped and painted the rusty lugs.

Then it was time for the howling wheel bearing.

The Boxsters have really long struts that get in the way of the P90B bearing tool, so it is easier to just pull the front knuckles off and do it on the ground (or in a press).

And the new wheel bearing installed in the knuckle and ready for install. All new brake pads and rotors were installed up front as well!

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