Audi TT Exhaust Install and Instrument Cluster Repair RennsportKC

Had this little TT come into the shop this week for a downpipe replacement and instrument cluster repair.

As you can see, something is not right. Actually there are a lot of things not right, including non working LCD screens and non functioning gauges. A fairly common issue on these Audis. So out comes the cluster to be sent out for repair. My hands aren’t steady enough to solder these clusters, it takes a really fine touch, so I’ll let the rebuild experts tackle this one.

Lots of Kroil to loosen those stubborn nuts. The downpipe was cracked and had been rewelded, so the owner wanted that replaced with a good unit.

Waaaaay up there it attaches to the turbo via 4 nuts. You can’t see them 😉

I was pleasantly surprised to open the trunk and find an aftermarket exhaust ready to install, rather than another used OE piece. Since I knew the cat pipe bolts were going to snap, this made things a lot easier. I dropped it all as a complete unit instead.

Look that those cute little exhaust pipes. So tiny.

New downpipe attached to the turbo.

And the rest bolted up. VROOOOM!

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