Jeep Cherokee XJ Front Wheel Bearing Replacement RennsportKC

After the Boxster was done, the next patient was put on the table. This guy also had a horrible howl from the front end. With 197k miles on the clock, I was really worried it might be something in the differential.

After stripping off the brake caliper and rotor, I was able to spin the front hub, but with all the 4wd stuff also turning, I wasn’t 100% positive. There was definitely a crunchy hang up in the system somewhere.

So off comes the bearing. It was definitely shot, but I wasn’t positive that was it, so I pulled the differential cover to inspect the gears just in case.

They all looked good, so back together it went. Since the front brakes were shot, and both sides would be apart, I replaced both front wheel bearing hub assemblies to make sure the noise was gone.

And back together. Noise gone!

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