Porsche 997 Maintenance Rennsport Kansas City

The “Refueler” dropped off his 997 the other day for us to finish some maintenance on his 40k service. All he had left to do was filters, plugs, and we flushed the transaxle fluid as well. Everything went fairly smoothly.

Up and ready to go.

Draining out the transaxle fluid. It’s been so hot that the running gear on this car was still burning hot after 3 hours of being in the shop. Nothing cools down fast in this heat.

Spark plugs hidden way up high. You of course have to pull the mufflers to replace plugs on a 997 😉

Plugs coming out. 993’s have their own plug nemsis, that is the upper #6 plug. 997’s have the #4 PITA plug. It is a very tight fit with the muffler in the way.

And as you can see, they were due. Porsche has switched off their 60k plug service intervals and now recommend every 4 years.

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