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Had this 1987 911 Cab come in the other day for some deferred maintenance. I think we started out with some basic stuff, transmission fluid change, fuel filter, and a bit of a clutch issue. After getting in the car, I figured out the hydraulic system was at fault for the clutch system, so we prepped for a new clutch master, slave, and connecting hose. I highly recommend replacing all these together, rather than just replacing one. If one has failed, the other components are not far behind.

First thing I noticed when up in the air was an oil line that was leaking. A quick turn of the wrench and it tightened slightly, so hopefully that will cure that pesky leak. We will monitor it for awhile.

I also noticed that both outer CV joint boots were torn, so those would need to be addressed as well. Joy.

So out they come.

And a pan for rebuilding them. It’s a greasy job, that stuff goes everywhere.

And the rebuilt axles back in place.

Disconnecting the slave cylinder and hose from the transmission.

Then going after the clutch master cylinder behind the pedal cluster.

New master cylinder ready to go in.

And back together. After bleeding the system, we had a nice clutch pedal again.

Then a quick tackle of the fuel filter.

And new filter in place.

And the transmission fluid coming out. A bit like caramel. I highly recommend changing transaxle fluid every 2 years. Your transmission will thank you.

And pumping the new fluid back in. Air power baby 🙂 One of my most coveted tools.

The owner of the car had just had new shoes and an alignment done at a well respected tire shop across town, they obviously had to remove the steering rack/fuel pump pan to adjust the toe settings in the front, but completely put it back on incorrectly. And they scratched the door. And didn’t care. After seeing this kind of stuff and numerous run of the mill alignment shops, we are very particular about who we use for alignments and subcontracted work because of things like this. Remember….Cheap, Fast, or Good….you can only have 2. You can have cheap and fast, but it won’t be good. You can have cheap and good, but it won’t be fast. Or you can have fast and good, but it won’t be cheap. You pick which two you want.

They just jammed the pan over the bolt they installed first, instead of installing the pan first, then the bolt to hold it on!

Yea, the allen bolt should go through the pan.

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July 18, 2012 at 7:12 AM

Your comments, obsevations and innovative fluid transfer “machines” never cease to amaze. (Replace the coolant bath with a head to toe shower of dirty transmission fluid and you can skip your hair mousse products for two weeks)

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