Porsche 997 Alternator Cable TSB Update Rennsport Kansas City

Had this 997 come in today for a little TSB update. Occasionally after driving, the car wouldn’t start, which was an issue with the early 997’s. Porsche issued a TSB on the problem, which calls for replacing the starter/alternator cable on the engine. No small task unfortunately.

The job requires pulling the alternator to get the cable off it, removing the cable from the starter, then unsnaking the cable from the top of the motor to the side of the transmission where it is attached at a junction box.

What the updated cable looks like.

Starter conection

And the location on the transaxle.

This is a good time to replace the OAS which sits behind the A/C compressor as well. Ours was replaced once before, so I didn’t pull it. With it out of the way, it makes the cable removal easier, but not necessary. Once you have the cable snaked here, then you can pull it down towards the transmission once it has been disconnected there.

And the new cable installed. There are a couple of plastic clips that slide onto holder that keep it in place.

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joe Coimbra

December 25, 2013 at 5:53 PM

Hi there,thanks for the info and pictures.I will be replacing a cable on a 2005 carrera s cabrio,and would like to know if possible,based on your experience,if the AC compressor has to be removed and the intake manifold, or just the centre section of the intake,and a few other components in the area.thanks ,Joe


    December 28, 2013 at 12:52 PM

    Hi JOe,

    Yes, you will want to pull the AC compressor out of the way (no need to disconnect lines). You do not need to remove the intake manifold, only the center plenum. The AC compressor is just 3 bolts, but the rear bolt is hard to see and easiest to get with a universal joint.

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