2011 Porsche Cayenne Escort 9500ci Install Rennsport Kansas City

Had this 2011 Cayenne Turbo in for an Escort 9500ci integrated Radar detector with laser shifters. It is a pretty complex install on a Cayenne to do it without hacking up the interior.

Love the new interiors in the Cayenne’s!

All the components laid out. A lot of stuff to install and wires to run.

First started off in the rear and ran the wire up through the plastic latch housing and behind the interior door panel. The plastic trim on the door is replaceable and cheap if the unit is ever removed. Much better than drilling through the trunk lid like many will.

Interior rear panel off to run the wires along with the OEM wiring into the cabin.

It is a tight fight, but the wire does fit through the factory accordion, which means the wires are 100% hidden. Once behind the roof liner, then the wire can be snaked here and there and up behind the dash.

Had an opportunity at a good shot of the Brake controller wiring harness hanging underneath the dash. Not too hard to find.

The update port installed in the lower dash panel.

And the two front shifters and radar receiver mounted in the front.

Simple location for the display. I’m not one to hack up the interior for stealth radar equipment as they tend to outdate in 7-8 years, then you are left with holes in everything when you upgrade to a newer system or remove it. Sometimes simplicity is best.

And the control panel mounted.

And the rear shifter.

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