LSx Project 944 Continues Rennsport Kansas City

Had a good weekend of tinkering over labor day. Was able to knock out some minor odds and ends in preparation for some bigger work.

We hit the brake ducts with some overspray, so I pulled them and got them black again.

Mounted all the brake calipers back on the car. I will need to fab up lines down to the front calipers.

Val helped me mount the dual master cylinder setup for the brakes. One will run the front calipers, and the other the rear. The setup is also adjustable so I can change bias between from front and rears. Next up I will have to bend some lines to make the connections to the hard brake lines.

And I found a spot for the relay/fuse panel. Won’t take much, just a few fuses and maybe 4-5 relays. The is a GM fuse panel out of one of their van series.

And then we popped in the side lexan windows. Not too happy with the driver side, the seal just doesn’t fit 100% tight like the passenger side. Will grab another window seal and try that.

Sigh…..hasn’t been registered since 2011, though it hasn’t been on the road since October of 2010.

Was also able to rig up some wire to the starter and hotwired that quick to make sure the starter engaged like it should. After dealing with a half charged battery, we are good to go there. Got the oil lines to the pan installed, next I need to find a place for the remote oil filter and get that mounted. Still trying to figure out the alternator mount. Since I am not running a PS pump, I may have to do a high mount alternator due to the lack of an idle pulley where the PS pump will sit. Depending on where the alternator sits, then I can mount the oil filter on the frame. Will need to get some high temp sheathing to put over the lines just in case, as well as some for the starter wires which may be somewhat close to the headers, lol.

Mmmmmm it’s almost time. Before I lay the vinyl though, I think I will go ahead and clear bra the front end.

I think next, I will bring home the power probe and start building the power harness for the car. Brake lights, turn signals, fuel pump, etc can start coming together.

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September 4, 2012 at 7:27 AM

Njce work!

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