Porsche 996TT Oil Leak

One of my 700hp builds 🙂 Had this car come in for a bad oil leak. Started out of the blue and was a massive leak. When it came in, a quick peak underneath had me scared we lost the rear main seal, so I got it up on the lift and cleaned everything up so we could see where the oil is coming from.

After getting the bottom of the car cleaned up, I could see the oil was coming from on top of the cylinder head somewhere. Hmmmmm

A little peaking around and I saw some oil around the filter housing and oil pressure sender, so I started tearing the top of the engine apart. Everything is jammed in there tight.

Once I got the diverter valves and F hose out of the way, I found that the oil pressure sender was a full 3 turns loose! Not sure how it could ever come undone that far, especially with the electrical connections, you wouldn’t think it could spin. Since I was in there, I installed a new sending unit and put it back together.

Unfortunately there is so much oil on top of the engine and no real way to get it off without letting it just run off, so we will give this car a week or so of driving to see if everything stops dripping.

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