Audi S6 Front Suspension

Had this Audi S6 wagon come in after a visit to the local Audi dealer for a vibration at 75mph. After balancing and aligning the car, it still had the vibration, so they found a few bad bushings and tie rods in the front suspension. A quick quote for about $2500 and the customer walked. This is not an unusual story with the front suspension on Audis. There are 8 control arms with bushings/ball joints, plus the tie rods. My recommendation is to replace it all at once rather than doing a piece at a time plus an alignment every time. We did far more work than the dealership quoted, and came in about 500 bucks cheaper 🙂 Do it right or go home. The uppers had been replaced recently, and now he is back in the shop to finish the job… it smart and hit it all at once.

A really clean wagon.

Driver side tie rod boot is torn. Dealer quoted that to be replaced. Unfortunately, as expected, when I pulled it apart I found it needed the inners AND outers on BOTH sides, not just an outer on one corner.

New boots, inner and outer tie rods installed.

The lower control links were the worst, with bad bushings and pretty loose ball joints.

Pulling the lowers apart for new arms.

Lower front control links.

After getting everything on it is off to alignment!

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