1973 Porsche 911T Fuel System

With the motor freshly rebuilt and running, we were still having a hard time starting the car which had not really changed since before the rebuild. The 73.5 911 used a 1 year only warm up regulator which helps the engine start when cold. Unfortunately, unlike the later model WUR’s, they are not rebuild able once they fail, and finding a good one is nearly impossible. Thus we decided to update to a 109 style WUR like the later 911’s. A few modifications to make it fit, but it all is pretty straight forward. While at it, we decided to go through the fuel distributor as well and have that rebuilt.

The new WUR next to the old WUR.

The rebuilt fuel distributor back in place. With the update to the 109 WUR, we will also bypass the throttle valve which is known for having issues as well, again a few updated fittings for the distributor side, but a straight forward bypass.

Some of the old compression fittings must be retained, so they must be removed from the old fuel line and installed in a new fuel line.

Both ends on new line.

And the updated WUR installed. The electrical connection is fairly easy, the pin closest to the fuel line will go to ground, while power is to the other end. The original WUR only had one connection (no ground).

Now we are just waiting for the fuel tank to come back from paint, then will throw that it, put in a new fuel pump and see what we have. Set the CO% and hopefully that will wrap this project up.

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