Porsche 996 C4 Major Service

This 996 showed up this last week to install a customer supplied M030 suspension (shocks/sway bars/springs). While I have no problem install factory parts in this case, once I got the car on the lift, I noticed we had a lot of other stuff that was in dire need of repair first. I often like to check out the car before recommending parts replacements, as some times there are more dire items that need replacement.

A lot of expensive Porsche parts!

First thing I noticed when i pulled the car in was that the brake pedal almost went to the floor! Not good. Turns out the pads were past their minimum and the rotors were shot. I finally figured out while the pedal was soft, as someone had been in the front calipers, maybe to replace pads, and installed a shorter pad retaining pin. By doing so, one end was not in the carrier, allowing the pads to cock oddly, and cause the soft pedal. Scary! So, new pads and rotors all the way around and the correct caliper pins!

Then the other item of dire need. Leaking RMS/IMS. It has been RMS/IMS week at RennsportKC, I am actually kind of tired of seeing IMS bearings for awhile!

So out came the transmission for RMS/IMS/Clutch. Look at all that oil!

Once all that was done, it was time to tackle the suspension. This C4 has been a year round daily driver, and has the rust to show it!

Notice the end of the shaft….rusting through! Not something I have ever seen on a Porsche before!

We actually had to cut the shocks in half to get the washers I needed to reuse off. The strut mounts were seized to the shaft of the shock, and would not come off. With enough surgery, I got the 3 washers I needed off!

New suspension installed along with sway bar! The rear was thankfully much easier as the shocks are a little better protected from the elements.

A nice stance! Off to alignment it goes!

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