Porsche 930 PPI

If you follow the blog, you know that PPI stands for PRE purchase inspection…..well this is another POST purchase inspection, aka “The Heart breaker.” This car came in for basically an evaluation of what the car needed, and what plan of action to take. I noticed the upgraded turbo was puking oil, and the intercooler was in need of replacement, but the owner said the car smoked on both start up and while driving, so I figured we had better do a leakdown test before anything. The car had actually been to another mechanic, who screwed the intercooler pipe to the intercooler to keep it from coming off. How these people stay in business is beyond me! Turns out the cylinders were over 30%:leakage, with some as high as 50%. Not good! Looks like we will be planning an engine rebuild 🙁 Once we get the engine work straight, the rest of the car will be really nice. I love the color on this car!

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