Porsche 964 Sloppy Shifter Repair RennsportKC

Had this 964 C2 come in for some electrical issues (alternator) and a few other minor things that we have seen before. What I haven’t blogged about before are the shift tube bushings in the tunnel that can fail. I’m not sure how he was able to shift this car as the shift knob was all over the place.

Up in the air to remove the center tunnel belly pan.

With the tunnel pan removed, we can see the issue. The guide tube that the shifter glides back and forth on has popped out of it’s holes in the chassis. There are rubber bushings that keep it in place, which have blow out on this car, allowing the tube to bang against the retaining clip enough that it popped that clip off and allowed the tube to slide out of it’s front carrier.

Here you can see the shift mechanism that should slide back and forth on this tube.

Not sure why the camera wanted to focus on everything except the bushing, but a new rubber bushing is installed in the hole (on both ends of the tube)

And the shift tube installed with the retaining clip. A smooth shifting car once again!

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