Plodding Along……

Haven’t blogged in awhile as we have been slammed trying to get cars through the shop. We have been doing a ton of A/C work with the weather turning nice, in addition to some big and small projects.

A 993TT in the shop for a really stiff clutch pedal. Since the clutch was replaced a few years ago, that points us to the slave and/or hydraulic accumulator.

After trying both with no luck, the only other option was to drop the motor and open up the clutch.

I was trying to get the car out in time for the PCA Elms event, so I didn’t take many pictures from here out, but the 3082 pressure plate was sprung, causing one side to hang up, which resulted in not only burning the flywheel/pressure plate, but also the stiff clutch pedal.

And of course the 944S2 motor swap was completed, A/C repaired, and sent out the door as well that same week!

And the 356 motor made some progress in the last month or so, it is now back in the car, waiting to be hooked up and fired up.

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