Porsche 911T Engine Rebuild

We hit a crossroads with the 911T the other day. Since we were doing some paint work to get the body looking good, we decided to drop the engine out to also paint the engine bay since there had been a color change previously. But then we had this disgusting motor sitting on the table with a little low oil pressure when really hot, unknown history…..you get the picture.

Poof. Magic. Out comes the engine.


Double Yuck.

Triple Yuck.

And even more yuck. We can’t have this disgusting thing sitting in the nice painted engine bay.

After a round of power washing….still disgusting. The heat exchangers are known for rusting out on these cars, so a new set of SSI’s are on their way (who has been bought out by Dansk recently FYI)

And slowly getting the motor torn down for cleaning and rebuild.

And after a lot of cleaning and bead blasting, all the tins and runners are ready for powdercoating.

And the engine finally torn down. All parts are cleaned with the parts washer, then the high pressure hot water cleaner, inspected, and then ready for reassembly. A few things are off to the machine shop for machine work, then we should be ready to throw it back together.

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Liz Smith

October 4, 2013 at 6:44 AM

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