356 headlight H4 upgrade..

Sep 29 2013 wes Editorial No Comments

Ever driven a 6-volt 356 with sealed beam lights at night?  You usually end up hoping for a clear night and a full moon.  Here we’re doing the popular fix that Joe Leoni started.  I don’t think you can buy the kits from him anymore but any good 356 guy can do it for you.


I usually mark on masking tape where these are going before I put them in.  It is very easy to get those wires confused once it is in the car.

They fit in there between the horn and current headlight relay.


Here is the old sealed beam on the drivers side and the new H4 on the passenger side.   The wiring change made the sealed beam much brighter than stock, but the H4 bulbs take it to another level.  This is the rewired sealed beam next to the H4.


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