Porsche 911SC Interior Project

With a few other projects out of the way, I was able to get back on the SC project. When we brought the car back from Joplin, one of the things we wanted to fix was the interior. The dark green paint and a very deep tan interior was a bit too much of a contrast, so I got to work. We ripped out the old stereo and aftermarket AC system, and had the entire interior dynamatted, along with a new more basic stereo. The tan interior was actually dyed from it’s original color, and it was a pretty poor job, so I had some work ahead of me 🙂 Many of the interior panels were ruined due to age and over zealous stereo installers putting screws into expensive panels. So we came up with a different route….

How it arrived. Too much.

Passenger seat out of the car.

As you can see, a pretty poor dye job was applied to the seats. These seat back knobs should always be black.

First thing to do was to disassemble the seat.

Next was the start our color change to black. The process is done using sureflex which is the factory leather paint that Porsche uses. Yes, you read that correctly, leather is painted rather than dyed. Sureflex can be applied with a rag, brush, or sprayed, all giving great results. A lot of prep work goes into cleaning the seats, degreasing, sanding, etc before you can apply the Sureflex.

The result is impressive. When brushing, it looks like it will leave brush marks at first, but they will all fade away as the paint dries.

And the finished seat. It took many coats as we were changing colors, but if you are simply refreshing leather of the same color, it is much easier and can usually be done with a cloth and rubbed into the seats.

Then it was time for an RS carpet kit. Goodbye rear seats, speaker deck (which was ruined), and side panels (which were also in bad shape). This is very time consuming and requires a lot of planning to figure out where all the panels fit.

Moving up the side.

Time to get rid of that driver seat.

I can only lay carpet for so long before my attention span is shot. Then I went after painting the dash with the Sureflex. Unfortunately when they did this before they did a horrible job, so the dash surface is pretty rough and brush stroked which i couldn’t get out with sandpaper, so it is what it is. All in all, it is a HUGE improvement!

And the rear done with passenger seat in. Only thing left at this point are the kick panels which are a real pain to get cut right.

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February 21, 2014 at 8:07 AM

That is a very demanding task that requires tons of patience, barrels of attention to detail and mad skills.
Very impressive!


February 23, 2014 at 5:45 PM

I thought the tan interior was nice. Reminded me of a BRG Miata or Jag.

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