BMW 650i Exhaust Install

Feb 20 2014 porschedoc BMW No Comments

Had this nice little 650i come into the shop for a little maintenance and a big sound improvement 🙂

Some basic stuff such as brakes, fluid flush, oil changes etc were in order and taken care of quickly.

Then it was on to the exhaust. Time to get rid of this neutered system!

We chose to go with Magnaflow’s full system which provides a great sound on these 650i’s!

The old exhaust out. Unless you are on jackstands and can hang things down on the ground, this is a two man job to lift it off the car 🙂

And the new exhaust installed. It is a fantastic fitting system, and sounds even better.

Tips fit nicely in the bumper cutouts as well.

Going through the basics.

This car was throwing a steering malfunction warning light under very hard cornering which is usually due to low fluid in the reservoir. It can be due to the active swaybar leaking at the fittings which is a known issue. This car has a very slight weeping there, but not enough to get worried about at the moment as it is about a $2500 fix.

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