Porsche 911 SC Revival (Valve Adjustment, Tires, etc) Rennsport Kansas City

Had this little guy towed to the shop from Weston to get it running again after it has been stored for awhile. This was actually one of Bob Hindson’s 911’s, and it has nearly 200k miles on it! A great driver!

She wouldn’t start, but a quick diagnosis of a very flat battery was determined, and we installed another unit.

Age has taken it’s toll on a few little things like this passenger door pocket. Not a big deal, a little time and some new screws and it was good as new!

Then it was time for an oil change and valve adjustment.

Here I am checking the lash on the valves on the #1 exhaust valves. A small special feeler gauge required to do the job, and it is a bit tedious. You must set the cylinder you are checking at TDC, then check your exhaust and intake valve lash, adjust, recheck, then rotate the crank to the next cylinder and start again.

A few other basic things were needed like new tie rod ends, a new set of tires, and an alignment, and out the door it went!

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