Porsche 6×15″ Deep Offset Fuchs Tire and Valve Stem Mounting RennsportKC

Ignore that previous post, because I’m going to blow that apart with this one. Had these 6×15″ deep offset fuchs come in this week for some new valve stems and tire mounting. Turns out, mounting a valve stem in these little buggers is not as easy as it seems. There have been numerous discussions online about this issue, and it appears whatever the original valve stem was, that they are impossible to get.

Not only are the valve stems a bugger to fit, but the tires aren’t fun either 😉 Mounting them is done in the reverse fashion with the rim face down, taking the tire off the back of the rim and vis-versa.

The issue stems from the fact that the hole for the valve stem is not the same depth all the way around. At the outer edge, it is thin like it should be so the valve stem shoulder can seat like it should. On the inner edge it is much thicker, which prevents the shoulder on the valve stem from catching the lip.

The valve stem to use is a TR415, which is a larger than normal base to accommodate for the larger hole in the rim. We tried our 415’s with not much luck, but the general consensus is that the Napa TR415’s are the ones to use and they will hold where they are suppose to, but they have to be the prepacked ones seen here. With the 415’s we had tried before that, the valve stem just kept popping back into the rim (inside). Sure enough, that is all it took!

One of the issues with mounting the tires on the fuchs is the bead shoulder being pretty narrow here. It takes patience to get these tires on without ripping the bead. Luckily, with the numerous hydraulic arms we have on our mounting machine, we were able to weasel the tires on eventually.

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