Porsche OE vs Aftermarket Parts Rennsport Kansas City

The issue with the Boxster really got me thinking today about the quality of parts we use on these German cars. Years of experience has taught me when you can and when you can not use an aftermarket part in place of a more expensive OE replacement as we typically use. The problem with German cars is that not only are they very finicky, but the domestic supplier support for these parts is not always correct. While we may use numerous parts from Napa, Oreilly, Autozone, etc on the domestic vehicles we repair, experience has taught me that 9 times out of 10, buying a part from these places for a German car is going to end up with you getting the incorrect part. Their systems will cross reference parts and swear they are the correct part, but then you get halfway through the repair and find out the part doesn’t fit. For instance, the Boxster MAF sensor. Going with a lifetime warranty Duralast part from Autozone because it is cheaper than the OE Bosch sensor might think like it is a good idea, but once again, not only did the part not fit correctly, but that part is vital to the proper running of your vehicle. It is sensing the amount of air that comes into the system, and working with the ECU to determine how much fuel the car needs. An incorrect ratio here can totally hose your engine. There are times you can save some money and use a slightly cheaper part that may be just as good, but most of the time, use an OE quality replacement that is proven. In the long run it will save you time and money.

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