Mustang Strut Rod Bushings and Mule Repair

We are currently tackling suspension on the Mustang. Once we sorted all the running issues we were able to drive it at speed. And then quickly back to the shop to replace the worn suspension. The car was all over the place on the road, so we knew all the bushings and shocks would need to be done.

Old radius rod bushings.

And new ones. I also replaced the front sway bar bushings while in there.

Then we decided to tackle a selector/kickdown shaft seal leak on the transmission. This involved pulling the pan (again) and removing the valve body to get the rods out. A couple new seals and we were good to go.

And the other day Al’s mule was delivered, so of course we had to test drive it, lol. What we found out is that you have to turn the steering wheel 97 times to get the mule to actually turn, lol. We also found out the front tires were so toed in it wasn’t funny. So some tie rod adjustments were necessary. Unfortunately, even at the shortest setting, we had too much toe, so we had to modify the tie rods to get the couple extra inches we needed. The good news is….for now….no more having to push cars around, lol.


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