Mike’s CT70 Rebuild

Since the Honey Badger is having custom pistons made we are at a standstill on that project, so after seeing the orange bike, Mike brought his 1978 CT70 that he has had since new by for a refresh! This bike has about 3500 miles on it, so it is well used! His kids grew up on it, so it has it’s share of dents and bent handle bars etc, but in true Mike fashion, everything has been well cared for and maintained. This bike came apart by far easier than any of the other bikes we have done to date!

Not having run for 2 years, Wes worked his magic and had the bike running after about 3 kicks of the starter.

Build date of 7/77, makes this bike one month older than me 😉

Notice the beat to hell bars!

It is so cool to see these coming out of the woodwork. Wes is currently getting a customer’s Z50 hardtail running, which got dropped off after the customer saw the CT70s in the shop!

I made up a stand for working on the bikes, which makes dis-assembly much easier. We have a pretty sizable dent in the frame on the right side near the front which our body guy is going to take a crack at. I picked up another junk frame to use for parts if we need to cut a section out and weld a new section in. Off to Pro-Built for some body work and paint!

And a pile of parts!

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