Parts Trip To Oklahoma Foreign

Hooked up BWT to the trailer on Thursday and headed down to Oklahoma City to Oklahoma Foreign auto parts to pick up some much needed parts. Probably not good to get spoiled driving a brand new rig that can roast the tires with a 24 foot trailer behind it. It just don’t care what is behind it. HP sells cars, torque wins races 🙂

Jager ready to roll! 5 down, 5 back, and a few hanging out at OK foreign.

I have been buying parts from Gary @ Oklahoma Foreign for years now. They specialize in foreign cars obviously, with the bulk of it being Porsche based. Pretty cool to stroll through there looking at all the old cars. Stuff of high value is stripped and sold off pretty quickly, but still pretty cool to go through the carcasses. Usually I just ship stuff up from OK City, but I needed a lot of big parts, so it made more sense to drive down with the trailer.

Rows and rows of old 911s. They have a couple of big buildings full of engines, transmissions, body parts, stacked to the ceilings.

Stacks of mufflers laying around.

Piles of 924’s, 944’s, 968’s and old 911/912s. Along with a slew of boxsters, a TT here and there, etc. While I don’t see 944 values every hitting the point of restoring any of these, it is interesting that some of these old 911 chassis will no doubt be saved and restored eventually. 356’s use to rot away in fields in condition not even worthy of parts cars, and those are now being saved and restored today as the cars are becoming so scarce. The old 911’s will follow eventually.

All in all it was a fun trip. I could spend days sifting through parts there if I could, but I think junk yards in general are pretty neat places.

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