Val’s CT70 Rebuild

With the orange CT70 out of the way, we found another beat up example to get running for Valerie. This example is a 1972 CT70HK1. The H models came with the 4 speed manual engine, but well, that is out of here. Wes was able to get that engine up and running after a little carb work, so it will be set aside for another project. To help with the learning process of being on a bike, we decided to go with a 70cc Lifan 4 speed with the autoshift. One less thing to have to worry about when riding the bike and learning, the autoshift allows you to shift gears with your foot, with out the use of a clutch hand lever.

We don’t buy nice examples 🙂

Pretty rust and beat up, but no major cancer.

Tire rot, etc all included.

Bars were really beat up, which doesn’t matter….they are out of here. This bike has about 1900 miles on it.

Valerie chose to do her bike in white as a shout out to the 4 legged crew chief. She got the body parts stripped down with the bead blaster, and I took everything to the powder coater. The bike will mimic the orange bike with all the chrome coated satin black. She got the rear fender and tail light assembly mounted today and engine in place.

Lifan is now building motors with electric start (plus kick) option only. You might be able to find non electric start bikes until supplies run out, but this is the future. It should make things easier for Valerie to start the bike.

New seat ready to go on.

New exhaust

And a hose of powder coated parts! 2nd batch of parts is still at the coater, so we are at a stand still at the moment 🙂

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