Mazda 3 Engine Mount

Had the little Mazda back in the other day for an engine mount replacement. Pretty common failure on this car, the passenger mount falls apart and causes vibration at idle. The dealer quoted over $400 for this repair! The part was about 125 bucks, and a half hour of labor only! Not sure how you get $400 out of that.

Didn’t even need a lift….or jackstands…..or a jack.

There it is bolted to the frame. 4 bolts. The coolant tank just pulls out of it’s mount to get out of the way.

Ok, so if you aren’t using a jack to support the motor, you need a support bar.

After removing the 4 bolts, here we see the old rubber mount has completely split in two.


And the new mount ready to go in. Less than 30 minutes later, it was back on the road.

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