Honey Badger Engine Rebuild

Well…..this may be the last blog post for a week or so. Our web guys have been designing us a new site, and will start to make the transition hopefully next week 🙂 The new site will be similar, but with more features, one bringing the blog to the front page, and another adding a classified section where we can post not only new and used parts for sale, but maybe a Porsche or two as well. While at first the functionality will not be 100%, it shouldn’t take long to get all the areas up and running quickly.

The Honey Badger ran a hard season this year, eating up a lot of Porsches and not giving a SH%$ about it. Without really knowing the history of the engine, we decided winter was a good time to tear it down, spec it out, and freshen everything up.

A couple of events at Heartland Park also meant the new paint job that was on the car was not a new paint job anymore, so our painter stripped down the front end and gave it a fresh coat 🙂 She is super gorgeous now!

Wham bam, up in the air and out comes the engine. Time to freshen this thing up, and make it pretty as well 🙂 Look at those monster PMOs 😀

Stripping it down.

Big jugs and pistons.

Almost there.

And torn completely down. After that, it was through the hot pressure washer tank, cleaned, and ready for rebuild. Tearing it down, everything looks super clean, so this should be pretty straight forward.

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January 7, 2014 at 9:23 AM

Ranks easily among the best looking and best prepared race cars that I’ve had the pleasure of observing.



January 19, 2014 at 12:16 PM

This is a great write up! Thanks…

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