914 Exsanguination

Jan 19 2014 wes General 1 Comment


This is a cool car…one owner 2L in really nice driving shape.  Only trouble was she is bleeding to death.  Several small leaks and one biggie, the main.


So out with the drivetrain and off with the flywheel.


Look at all that oil slinging out.


While we’re in there we’ll take care of this.  With the engine back in we see this.  Mechanics did this on these cars for years.  They add another solenoid instead of fixing the starting system.  We’ll do it the right way.

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Russ D

January 20, 2014 at 2:14 PM

Exsanguination? Wow. I had to look that one up. You know you’re dealing with a Porsche shop when vocabulary like that is used. Say that word around most other shops in Grandview, and they’ll think there’s a fire that needs puttin’ out.

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