Boxster Shifter Problem

Had this Boxster limped over to the house the other day for a shifting linkage issue. The shifter was floppy and hard to get in gear. Typically when the newer Porsches loose shifting, it is due to the cup linkage at the bottom of the shift lever. The symptoms of that though are usually a freely moving gear shift lever and you are either stuck in neutral or in the gear the bushing broke in. Once I got my hands on the car, I quickly discovered the front bushing on the shift cage had blown apart. I am actually starting to see this more and more now as these cars age. Unfortunately, the plastic bushings are not available without buying the entire shift lever/console, so we opted to install a short throw shifter with metal bushings instead. Since the shifting was questionable, I wasn’t going to take the chance trying to get it to the shop for the repair.

Sometimes the shop supervisor is literally looking over your shoulder as you work.

Notice the front bushing has broken and fallen out of the cage, allowing the front of the shift lever to wobble around in the cage hole.

So to replace the system, the center console needs to come out. This is where my frustration started, finding about 8 different screw types holding the console in place, indicating the yellow console was added after the car was bought new. There should be 2 (metal T20 torx screws and plastic T25 torx screws). Of course most of them didn’t want to come out as they were jammed into place due to incorrect threads, etc.

Wood screws…..not the correct application.

Lol, the various assortment of screws removed.

And the old parts. The black plastic piece on the right is the cup bushing that usually dies.

And the new short shifter with upgraded bushings.

And installed in the cage assembly.

And back together.

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