Jaguar JX8 Upper Control Arm Bushings

Didn’t get a chance to snap many pictures of this job and we needed every extra hand possible. We had to replace the worn upper control arm bushings the other day in this jag. Normally you would remove the control arm from the car to replace the bushings, but the ball joint laughed at our removal tool as it shattered it in two, so we improvised and did it on the car. While we were in there, we replaced the shocks as well.

The bolt holding the arm in place is about a foot and a half long, so there are some clearance issues getting it out. Once that was out, we were able to pivot the arm around and push/cut/melt the old bushings out of the arm.

Brian looks confused, ROFL!

That is a long bolt….

And poof! Magic! Back in place. What you don’t see is the assortment of presses, cutting tools, torches, etc we had out to get the old bushings out and the new ones in. Should have had the video going…..

JaguarUpper control arm bushingsXJ8

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