Boxster 105k Service

Knocked out the 105k service on this boxster earlier this week. Filters, oil change, inspection, brake flush, the usual. On the inspection, I found a torn CV boot on the driver side, so we decided to pull all the axles and replace all 4 boots and re-grease the joints. It is a pretty big job on a boxster since the subframe shield and exhaust need to come apart in order to drop the axles out.

Since the car has a cold air intake, I just needed to pull the filter and clean it.

Replacing the OEM oil drain plug with a magnetic plug

Then it was time to go after the axle boots….joy 🙂

Yup all that needs to come off.

And with a bunch of stuff hanging off, there is clearance to get the axles out.

We’ve seen axles being rebuilt time and time again on the blog, so fast forward to the reinstall 🙂 New boots and freshly greased axle joints should have this car ready for another 100k.

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