A little wrenching weekend.

Saturday I headed over and hung out with some very good friends of mine to do a little “KCWS wrenching.” We had 3 people that wanted to do their brakes, and Scott needed some help working on his 951 replacing the entire exhaust, motor mounts, a Lindsey oil cooler, and Vitesse wasted spark system.

Jim and Aaron started knocking out brakes. First they did a black 964 that needed front rotors. Then Mark came by with his G-wagon and they all jumped in on the rear brakes on that. After that they knocked out the rear pads on Randall’s 944. I also heard there was cheese and wine there, but I wouldn’t know anything about that, lol.

Scott and I put our efforts towards the 951.

Mark using a man’s jack to raise the G-wagon. Your standard racing jack will split in two before it raises a G wagon, lol.

The old lindsey exhaust and oem headers/crosover pipe come off for replacement.

We also had to pull the turbo to replace the downpipe with a 3″ pipe.

OEM motor mounts were replaced with semi solid CEP mounts.

And we got the Lindsey oil cooler mounted.

A view from the bottom. We finally got stuck trying to get the turbo and larger downpipe back on. The downpipe was hitting the heatshield on the oil air seperator, and once we got that figured out, we found out one of the turbo mount bolts had a buggered thread that we just couldn’t get cleaned up good enough, so we called it a day. It was a pretty successful day even though we fought a lot of things on the 951, the other guys got a lot of brakes done!

Then it was back to some real work. 951 sunroof issues….yippeee. This patient had stripped gears….why….the gears were replaced last year.

Header panel that needs to be removed to get to the gears.

And the lifting arms exposed.

And bits of gears….lol

As you can see, it doesn’t look good.

Why did they strip was the question? I found out quickly, that when pressing the button, the lifting mechanism never stopped, it just kept going. There are a couple of microswitches on the sunroof motor that keep it from going too far and causing damage. After doing some investigating, I found that the lower microswitch that tells the motor to stop moving had come apart. Luckily I had a couple laying around. I got it replaced, put in new gears, set the mechanism and all was good.

Then it was on to figuring out the HVAC. The owner had replaced the AC Expansion valve last year, and was having some issues with the heater since. Turns out we have a leak in the AC system somewhere still as the system has lost charge, but we also have full heat all the time. Not good.

Typically full heat is due to a couple of conditions: A heater clip, a disconnected vacuum line on the heater control valve (HCV), a bad HCV itself, a bad solenoid, or a bad CCU. Right now I have determined that we have no vacuum at the HCV for some reason and I can’t figure out why (Valve defaults to full heat when no vacuum is present…or when the valve fails). So far I assume we have a bad vacuum control valve, or a bad CCU. Now I just need to pull some things apart and do some testing. I thought maybe during the expansion valve replacement, a vacuum line got disconnected under the dash, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. This should be a fun one to figure out.

Every black 951 I have ever worked on has been the devil. Seriously.

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David Lessmann

April 25, 2011 at 12:28 PM

Suddenly it all makes sense. The car IS the devil! That is why the heat runs full blast and the A/C keeps losing it’s charge. 😉

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