997TT Continued

Got the motons installed and the wevo semi solid mounts in.  Still need to fine tune the ride height and such, but the main install is done.

Old mounts stuck waaaay down there.

Wevos next to the OEM mount.

You can get one side out without disassembling anything, but the other side isn’t coming out, so start pulling stuff out of the way.

Going after the front suspension.

Front coilover assembled.  There are a couple of modifications and errors in packing which make things confusing, so they aren’t just a true bolt on solution.  Hopefully the kit will get better in the future, but for now, it takes some work to assemble properly.

The front assembly goes as follows:

Dual adjusting collars, zero weight helper spring, needle bearing assembly, modified/shorted spring aligner, 550lb spring, top hub, and oem hat;  on the shaft goes a bunch of spacer washers to lower the adjuster down a bit…leave the adjuster in the glovebox……

Rear assembly was as follows:

Dual adjusting collars, 150lb helper, black spring aligner, 800lb spring, top hat, spacer pointing upwards on the threaded shaft, oem hat.

I didn’t take any pictures of the rear install, as I was too busy trying to squeeze in the back of the car with GT3 seats and a rollbar in the way.  No time for a camera.

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