997 Seat Continued

Finished up the 997 seat frame/motor swap tonight and should have it installed tomorrow. Lots of screws and wires 🙂

Seat back installed and side covers with switches back on.

Then lots of wiring running under the seat and installing the various pumps/modules.

Almost done. Last thing to do is to install a lower bracket under the seat that holds the front control module.

The problem is, the screws insert into the front of the rail, and the seat is in the middle position, rendering access to the screw hole impossible. The solution? The power probe 3. Hooked up to the cig. lighter in the M, and applied power to the seat motor moving the rail and allowing access to the hole needed.

And the bracket and module in place. A few more zip ties, etc and this seat is ready to install tomorrow.

997PorscheSeatSeat MotorSeat rail

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