996TT Engine Continued

Took some time this morning to pull the tranny, clutch, and get the motor up on the engine stand. Now to figure out what is going on in this motor.

Again, what is involved in pulling the TT transaxles from the engine. Step 1, remove the plastic vent (3 bolts)

Step two, remove the 10mm bolt and bracket.

Step 3, pull the rubber plug that, along with the above bracket, hold the clutch shaft and bearings in place.

This can be a real SOB to get out. It is soft plastic, and you can barely get any grip on it. This one came right out, some others I have done, there wasn’t much left of the plastic plug.

Once that is out, use a long 6mm bolt, thread it in to the end of the clutch shaft and pull straight out.

After that, 4 bolts on the bellhousing, and she slides right off. Be careful….it is a heavy bugger.

Up on the stand and ready to start pulling it apart. Might as well leave the table under it….just in case, lol.

Oil tank off and the motor starts it’s perpetual leaking. Seriously, this thing will drip for weeks.

Front engine support off so I can replace the crunchy water pump.

Think the motor looks complicated when it is in the car? You should see if out of the car. The top of the motor is just a giant maze of lines, hoses, and wiring.

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