996TT Done….well almost

Got the 996TT fired up on saturday afternoon, cams broken in, and fluids topped off and bled. I finished the suspension on Friday, so that is all done as well.

And pulled out of the garage. For a purpose of course…..

Time to peel off the beaten and marred clear bra. Clearbra peels very easily off plastic…..not so much off metal. The sun must cook the metal a little more and maybe affects the clear bra, but even with a blow drier or heat gun, it wants to come off in tiny pieces. So today when the sun comes out, I am hoping it will heat everything up a little bit to make removal easier. Only piece left is the main hood section.

I was so excited to get my new oil drain bin a few days ago. I pretty much just get jealous when someone has some cool tool that I don’t, so I fixed the problem and got one coming. A quick online search for Harbor Freight Coupon Code resulted in a 30% off coupon, so I ordered one online. Unfortunately, when it came, the regulator was shattered and the oil catch pan was dented and cracked. Hopefully the replacement comes in better shape. The cool thing about this drain bin is that when it is full, you attach your air hose, open the regulator, and it pumps the old oil out of the bin through a hose into a larger disposal bin or smaller bin that you can carry to the oil recyclers. No more spilling oil trying to dump the drain bin into a smaller jug…….

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July 24, 2011 at 4:06 PM

Put some plumber’s teflon tape around the big brass fittings so the oil doesn’t weep out. You are going to love it….


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