993 C2S PSS9 Install

The car we brought back from the NJ PPI 🙂 We knew it would need a new suspension, so Mark found a set of PSS9’s for it and I went about the install this last week. While I was in there, it got the remaining 6 upper spark plugs and new hood and hatch struts.

Courtesy of Rennlist.

Front end coming apart.

And bilstein installed 😉

Rears are a little more involved, but doable.

We have a little drop link height adjustment to work out still.

Going after the passenger upper 3 plugs. Off comes the muffler and right side engine tin to get to the plugs from below.

Then it was on to swapping out the front sway bar (we went bigger m030 sways front and rear), which requires dropping down the front subframe.

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