964 Work Continued

Got the 964 cab back last week to install some more parts and try and figure out a running issue it is having.

Up and ready to work.

First thing to do was to ditch the stock cat and replace with a cat bypass pipe.

Much better 😉 This will provide more power and better sound.

Then we had to do something about that ugly tip, so I threw it in the bead blaster and hit it with some high temp black.

That makes me feel better.

Then we replaced the front under spoilers that had been scraped up.

And added a little more power to the ECU.

The running issue (idle surge and excessive cranking to start) is a tricky one as most of the typical causes all check out to be ok. I pulled the idle stabilizer valve off and cleaned it up, and it activates perfectly with the PIWIS. Next I checked the throttle microswitches and they appear to be adjusted properly.

Pull the plugs and we are really loaded up rich.

Next thing I did was to check our fuel pressure and I found the injectors to be leaking down very quickly, which isn’t good. So out they come for a rebuild.

And out of the car ready for cleaning.

Since the one plug I pulled was fouled, I yanked all the spark plugs and cleaned them back to new with the bead blaster. Plugs on a 964 involves removing exhaust and a lot of covers.

Yuck. The lower plugs.

Since we are renewing the fuel system, a new fuel filter goes in as well.

And a fuel pump check valve

The old valve was maybe sticking slightly, but I don’t think it was the root cause. Typically these things have to be pretty old and nasty to not function properly (retain fuel pressure with engine off)

And the CHT sensor as well.

It takes special tool P.1.KEW.98290 to remove and install.

Back of cylinder 3.

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March 7, 2012 at 11:55 PM

This was a great brief run-though of some things every 964 owner wants to address during ownership–if not all at once, these are a lot of the items that will need to be evaluated and replaced as these cars get up there in age.


March 8, 2012 at 6:12 PM

Nice review. Not a job for the weekend warrior. Wow!

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