964 Oil Leak Repairs

This little 964 came in the other day to have some oil leaks repaired. While it is a fairly low mileage car, the rubber seals will still go bad with age and start to leak. This one had it bad. Timing chain gaskets, valve cover gaskets, but the big one was the oil pressure sending housing (thermostat housing on the older 911s), and the breather plate gasket.

While you can get to the rear gaskets with a partial drop and going over the intake, it is a pain, so out comes the passenger side intake manifold.

On the very backside of the motor is the leaking seals. The engine sound deadening pad has completely disintegrated, so there was a bit of cleanup in order.

After removing the oil pressure sending unit housing, the old rubber o-ring was hard as a rock. Rubber doesn’t seal so well when it isn’t pliable.

And the breather plate removed and prepped for a new gasket.

Then it was on to the valve covers and timing chains gaskets.

Making a mess 😉 This made taking pictures a bit tough.

The exhaust removed to get at the covers.

And going back together.

Much cleaner and less oily 🙂

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