964 C2 Suspension Drop

I must say, I love everything about this car. From the muffler bypass pipes, to the black wheels, and color combo…..perfect in my opinion for a 964. With one exception….that 4wd ride height 😉 So today Adam dropped by and we got to work. Since I had a set of 3.6 turbo H&R springs laying around, we decided to go with those and a new set of Bilstein HD shocks. The nice thing about the 964 setup is that there is a lot of adjustment height wise on the shocks, so we could get it right where we wanted.

Bibbed up and ready to go.

After a bit of work we had the rear shocks out of the car. You must remove the heater blower and airbox cover to get to the top bolts.

Then on to the front while we wait for UPS to arrive.

Poof! Magic. When we disassembled the shocks, they were completely blown. Push the rod in and they would not return, which was likely giving a very “floaty” ride.

And the new struts and lowering springs go in 🙂 Ohhh yea.

Then it was on to the rears.

After a bit of tweaking here and there with the height, this is what we ended up with. Now the car is perfect 🙂

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