951 turbo swap finished

Finished up the turbo swap in the 951 the other day.

Downpipe swapped on to the new turbo.

Turbo installed.

Then on went the piping and intake.

Once that was done, I needed to pull the intercooler to clean any foreign debris out of that. Header panel removed to expose the intercooler.

Peering in the one end, you can see some old crusty particles caked onto the surface. A trip to the power washer cleaned it right up.

Intecooler out of the car.

A bit cleaner.

And all back together.

The car was making noise previously what seemed like under boost towards the rear of the car. New axles had been swapped in with no change. We assumed the turbo would solve the issue since the noise sounded like it was happening only under boost. After the turbo was installed, and I drove the car a bit, I found that the car made the noise when the rear end squated under acceleration (shocks are bad). I couldn’t find anything rubbing, so I took apart the brakes and axles and checked the rear wheel bearings which were noisy. I decided to swap them out quick and see if that would change anything.

Right side fell apart upon removal.

And the bearing out.

Pushing the new bearing in.

Unfortunately, 2 new rear wheel bearings and the sound is still there. The seach continues.

951PorscheTurboWheel Bearings

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Tyler cox

March 4, 2011 at 9:08 PM

Can you tell me what size flanges are used for the turbo? What turbos will fit the stock flanges?

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