911 Finished

Finished up the 911 this weekend after getting the new fuel line and associated parts we needed for the car in.

Mmmmm shiny!

Pulling the intake manifold up to get the line routed underneath it:

And setting back in place.

And after a lot of lines, wires, and components, the motor is back together and running.

Then it was on to the easier stuff. Starting with a blown headlight bulb.

Blown is right.

Then we had a problem with the brights flashing when using the turn signals at night. Pretty common problem with the turn/dimmer switch in these older 911’s as the contacts get worn and start to make contact when they aren’t suppose to. I actually have another 911 here with the same problem that we will also be fixing.

And the new stalk installed. With that, we shove this one out the door and on to the next one.

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