911 Carrera Targa Shift Repair and Odometer Gear

Replaced some worn out shift bushings in this targa the other day. Over time the plastic bushings crack and fall apart, and your shifter location becomes very vague. Parts are cheap, but it is a time consuming job to replace the bushings.

Disassembling the center console to get the shift lever out.

Just to the right of the bolt head, you can see the bottom edge of the bushing has cracked.

Once the shifter is out of the car, you can get it on a bench to replace the 2 bushings. Notice the rear bushing for the shift rod is broken.

And a new one in place with some grease.

And the new cup bushing in place and ready for installation.

While I was in there, I replaced a broken floor board stud.

And the center console back in place with a lot less slop in the shifter.

Then it was time to go after the odometer gear. Fairly common for these gears to fail after 25 years. They are pretty soft plastic, so doing things like resetting the trip meter while the car is moving can be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Careful and painstaking dis assembly of the speedo to get to the gear. Here you can see the teeth broken off the brown gear. New gear should be here in a couple days, then reassemble and out the door it goes.

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