83 911 SC

Mike dropped off his nice 83 SC for some work yesterday. He is having restart problems when the engine is hot, which is likely the fuel accumulator. If the car will always start cold, but has to sit for awhile after being driven before it will start, the accumulator is almost always the culprit. I recommend doing the accumulator and filter together, and since you have the fuel system depressurized, I always do the check valve at the fuel pump as well. That gets everything in that line fresh. It never fails that you fix one thing, and the next item down the line fails.

He also had a new bumper strip in the car that needed to be put on. As you can see, the lip isn’t exactly sitting flush on the top of the bumper.

4 screws in the trunk. All rusted. Only had to drill out one.

Bolts securing the bumper on.

Sliding the bumper forward to get to the bottom screws of the strip.

You learn something new every day. As many of these as I have replaced, I always thought these strips were just hard dense rubber. Turns out there is metal inside, and it rusting apart is what was causing the strip to not sit flat.

Look at that grin! It’s happy! I am replacing the headlight washer nozzles as well since they were brittle, so those should be here tomorrow. Then I’ll get the front bumper on and out the door!

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