1998 VW Jetta GLS Clutch Finished

Nov 07 2010 porschedoc VW 1 Comment

Got the Jetta project buttoned up on Friday afternoon. Spent quite a bit of time replacing the oil seals on the transaxle as they had all pretty much become “one” with the transaxle, lol.

Homemade special tool KEW1920.B to remove the axles. You have to compress the axle, remove the circlip, then pull the axle out, all with a tool

Getting the clip out.

Stub axle and spring out.

Old Seal

New Seal installed.

And using the tool to reinstall the stub axle.

Then repeat the process for the other side.

Then there is the input shaft seal and the clutch rod seal.

New seals installed.

New rear main seal assembly installed.

Pressure plate installed.

Spring plate installed.

And the flywheel install with the clutch alignment tool.

And done.

Once that was done it was time to lift the tranny back in place. I had Val raise and lower the engine support as I need as I benchpressed the tranny back up in place. I needed the engine high to initially get the tranny in place, then dropped down quite a bit to clear the frame and get the tranny seated properly.

And about done.

When I started the car, we still had a fairly large oil leak, lol. Turned out to be a bad oil pressure switch on the side of the head. That was quick and easy to replace, and out the door it went! Ready for another 200k miles.

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David Lessmann

May 28, 2011 at 6:49 PM

Just changed the oil for the first time since the clutch was replaced and was pleasantly surprised at how clean it was under the car more than 6 months later. The transmission still looked clean and the car is not leaking oil anymore.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! You are indeed a craftsman and the quality of your work stands the test of time.

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