1998 Jetta 2.0 GLS Clutch Change

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Helping a good freind out with the clutch on his Jetta. This 1998 Jetta has over 200k miles on it and still running strong! The clutch pedal was starting to release quite high, and he wanted to get it done before winter set in. We probably could have bought a little time by adjusting the clutch arm, but would have eventually had to go in there to do the clutch.

Well, it definitely is not without oil leaks…..

So I nicknamed it the Exxon Valdez. This a large part of the oil is coming from the top of the motor, specifically the valve cover. We will deal with that later.

Driver’s side of the transaxle.

After a few bolts are out of the way, the tranny comes out the bottom. It is not heavy, so I didn’t bother with a jack, I just lowered it onto my chest and out. It was disgustingly oily though. Most of the seals on it are leaking.

After a trip to the local car wash with some brake clean and a scrub brush…..

Remove the end cap to get to the release bearing. We will change out the release bearing, rod, seals, and clutch arm.

Pulling out the release bearing.

And the seal.

Flywheel off the car. The flywheel on this car is actually the first thing you take off. The pressure plate is bolted to the crankshaft.

Pressure plate.

Next was to go after the rear main seal. Remove the outer cover so you can get to the seal and housing.


And removed from the car.

Tomorrow I will tackle replacing most of the seals on the transaxle. I need to make a special tool to remove the drive flanges, but that shouldn’t be too bad. Unfortunately I think I threw away my M10 threaded rod last week thinking I wouldn’t ever need that again, lol. DOH.

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