Winter Prep for Squeaks

After I finished up a Boxster on Saturday, I figured it was such a nice day that I would knock out some more maintenance on Squeaks to get it ready for the winter months. It was time for new spark plugs (every 30k in a jeep), brake flush, tire rotation, etc. I still need to flush the coolant badly, and get the front diff serviced (didn’t have enough fluid to do yesterday) which I should be able to do later today. Oil was changed a few weeks ago, and I tackled the rear diff earlier this year when I did the rear wheel seal.

Air intake off…..hmmm upgrade? Coil packs exposed. All are easy to get to with the exception of the rear most on the passenger side.

Old plugs were ready to be changed. Notice the difference in gap!

All the old plugs out.

After I got the plugs done, it was time to flush the brake fluid. The reservoir is quite dirty internally (cleaned the best I could) and the bleeder screws on the calipers were pretty stubborn. I may end up replacing all the brake calipers and reservoir next year as they can all be done for about $200 total. The calipers were a real bugger to bleed, and I was wondering if one of the bleeders was going to snap, but I was able to get through it.

Lift makes rotating tires a hell of a lot easier 🙂

With the truck adapters installed, you still have some access under the center of the car.

This will be my other project for the future. I am going to try and buzz it down with a rolac pad and hit it with POR 15, but this will be the 2nd time I have done that, so I forsee oil pan replacement in my future. Shouldn’t be too bad to do. The oil pan on the 4.7L is a cheap stamped piece that doesn’t seem to hold up too well.

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